German Boot Glass History

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The military origin resurfaces with wwi where german generals indeed wagered drinking from a bierstiefel post battle. After that and the collective realization that drinking a large amount of beer out of a giant novelty glass looks badass the bierstiefel caught on as a celebratory practice for germans.

Vintage United States Air Force German Beer Boot W Names Engraved Usafe 1966 Beer Boot German Beer Pilsner Glass

By machine pressing the glass they were also able to scale up production and make the boot a part of popular culture rather than a limited specialty item.

German boot glass history. As a result the boot size only grew larger. Well the soldiers won and the general not wanting to eat his words or drink gross foot sweat beer had a glass boot made so that things would be a bit more sanitary. The first recorded references to these glasses appear in german history books approximately 100 years ago.

The final person the anchor has a two liter glass. The beer boot eventually made its way to north america thanks to the returning world war ii soldiers who observed the tradition while serving overseas. The scene is familiar depending on what circles you run in.

From there it is believed the glass gained popularity and in time it was folded into oktoberfest traditions. Originating in germany the glass is narrow at the bottom and slightly wider at the top. When his men proved victorious he commissioned a glass likeness of his boot to spare himself the displeasure and humiliation of drinking foot beer from the real deal.

The exact origins are unknown and there are many legends associated with the boots. History there are many theories as to how the bierstiefel came to be a traditional fixture at sick parties. Four people line up with one liter glass boots filled to the brim with german beer.

It tends to be taller than a pint glass and generally holds 500 ml 7 8 imp pt with room for foam or head. A beer boot or a bierstiefel is simply a german boot shaped glass most commonly used for beer. The width both releasing aroma and providing room for the often thick fluffy heads produced by wheat beer.

One maintains that it traces its origins back to one of the earliest instances of ritual.

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