Brief History Of Windows Operating System

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Windows operating system history and features early pc operating systems in the early days of personal computers the operating system was known as dos disk operating system and variants. Microsoft s windows operating system was first introduced in 1985.

Microsoft Windows Timeline Microsoft Windows Microsoft Timeline

Microsoft windows was announced by bill gates on november 10 1983.

Brief history of windows operating system. Featuring the first graphical user interface gui for ibm compatible pcs the windows os soon dominated the pc market. The first version of windows ms dos called microsoft disk operating system which is character based operating system which is used in many computers but it didn t take market manymore. Windows history began in 1985.

They introduced the ms dos in 1981 although it was. Approximately 90 percent of pcs run some version of windows. The following is the brief history of windows.

We look at the history of microsoft s windows operating systems windows os from 1985 to present day. Windows 2 0 in 1987 windows 2 0 was released although it was. Ms dos executive was another of its names that fell by the wayside but it more accurately described the user friendly.

Microsoft windows also called windows and windows os computer operating system os developed by microsoft corporation to run personal computers pcs. Windows 1 0 windows 1 0 was the first version of the windows operating system which was released in 1985 by. So let s know about the entire history of the windows operating system.

This was the first version of a microsoft os that you didn t have to type in commands to use. The windows operating system windows os for desktop pcs are more formally called microsoft windows and is actually a family of operating systems for personal computers. Over 29 years later a lot has changed but what things have stayed the same.

This is the first operating system to use microsoft word and microsoft excel. When ibm was developing a pc the company approached a new company microsoft corporation to develop an operating system. Microsoft introduced windows as a graphical user interface for ms dos which had been introduced a two years earlier.

Ms dos shorthand for microsoft disk operating system although until windows 95 windows actually ran on top of ms dos instead of completely replacing it. Microsoft windows is a family of operating systems. Initially windows was little more than operating environment add on for dos.

The windows operating system was created in 1975 when paul allen and bill gates had a vision to take personal computing to the next level. Windows has changed drastically over the years but.

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