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Spencers monitor for sale. This is my spencers moniot i use in kids shows. Their primary line of defense is their long muscular tail one that is powerful enough to knock out or knock down an adult human being with relative ease. There should be some for sale soon enough a breeder in nt has heaps for sale each season i know of a brisbane breeder who has just had eggs but of course they are months away.

Spencer s monitor lizard are voracious and efficient eaters spencer s monitors are voracious eaters and opportunistic hunters just like many of their species. Ya gotta love spencers monitors my girl is looking gravid atm. Hi i am wanting to get a spencers monitor and would like to know peoples experiences with these species like feeding response i have seen two vids of spencers monitors being feed and in both these vids they casually took the rat and swollowed it not like the lace monitors response.

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Spencer s goanna varanus spenceri also known commonly as spencer s monitor is a species of monitor lizard in the family varanidae. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Description hi i have x2 spencer s monitors for sale x1 from early clutch the other from later clutch feeding on turkey meat liver giblets and rodents call or sms anytime on 0411562674 sms me for pics.

Mentioned previously spencers are quite powerful so be careful when feeding them and use tongs. Also spencers are prone to obesity and are a very hungry monitor they seem to always want to be fed.

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