One Piece 2nd Time Skip

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One piece entered a two year time skip after the major events of the paramount war finally wrapped up.

One piece 2nd time skip. We discuss reasons to support and oppose having a second ti. Roger s right hand. After all they were utterly defeated in the sabaody archipelago arc.

I reckon 2nd and final time skip will happen after the defeats of the yonkos and find one piece. I think there will be one but at the end of the series like a look at them now time skip because remember the one shot that one piece cam from had an adult luffy around shanks age so i guess around a 10 year. It was something necessary and natural.

One piece time skip is one of the biggest moments in the series with a yonko falling again will another time skip approach are you excited for one piece chapter 912 episode 846. In one piece we ve already watched the two year time skip while the straw hats disappeared in different places in order to train for the new world. Imo there will be a three way war between the marines the blackbeard pirates and the straw hats with the possible backing of the red hair pirates and or the revolutionaries.

Whitebeard said before his death that the one piece is real and when somebody finds it the current world will turn upside down. One piece discussion about the previous timeskip and the possibility of having a second timeskip. So in the final timeskip they will prepare for the final war and then the final boss which in my opinion is blackbeard luffy vs bb.

Flying panda one piece theories 191 589 views 10 24 silvers rayleigh. Luffy s training the next time skip in one piece one piece 936 is out. Luffy s training the next time skip in one piece monster trio one piece duration.

During this time skip the straw hat pirates trained their skills to be better equipped for the new world and the strong enemies that they would encounter along the way.

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