Skipjack Fishing Ohio River

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Please leave a comment if you get a chance i m always looking for w. Skipjacks will be there as long as there are shiners for them to chase.

Fishing For Skipjack The Mckinley Shad Fly Fish Ohio

Skipjack from 3 4lb to 4lbs can be caught at the aberdeen ohio power plant.

Skipjack fishing ohio river. At the falls the fishermen are catching skipjacks to use as bait. I ve been asked several times to make a video on this topic. It migrates up the larger tributaries but seldom roams very far from the powerful clear waters of the main river.

Anglers fish for skipjack herring in the swift water below dams and around the ends of wing dikes. Seems they are bigger and bigger every year. The fish is cut into quarters and set upon large treble hooks in the hopes of catching big catfish.

And with few exceptions it is one of ohio fishing s best kept secrets. Use a sabiki rig with a weight on the end of the line cast out and jerk reel jerk reel. Sometimes you get 2 or 3 on one cast with the sabiki.

Currently the skipjack shad is most abundant in the upper mississippi river below the mouth of the ohio river. The skipjack gets its name from jumping out of the water like a skimming stone in pursuit of the smaller fishes it eats. I hope you like the video.

Heres one from greenup early april. Go to the guntersville lake dam discharge side. Some folks use multi jig rig and get 2 or 3 fish at a time.

As a sport fish skipjack have a long history. This is my favorite setup to use when targeting skipjack to use for cut bait on the tennessee ri. Navigation impoundments seem to have decreased its numbers in the upper mississippi.

They are known as an early run species as they migrate to spawn in the early spring. There is a wall to cast from. They are known as an early run species as they migrate to spawn in the early spring.

One of the first fish to bite one the last also. The skipjack is abundant on the ohio river. They are there all year long.

Just a small jig and cast it out in the river and reel in the jig. The skipjack used to be more abundant farther north in the mississippi river but it appears only occasionally north of the ohio river. Here s how i get my skipjack that i use for catfish cut bait.

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