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The deck consists of 162 cards twelve each of the numbers 1 through 12 and eighteen skip bo wild cards which may be played as any number. There seems to be 3 skip card questions linked to this question.

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Uno ウノ は トランプゲームやクレイジーエイトを遊びやすく改良したカードゲーム スペイン語またはイタリア語で数字の 1 を意味する uno が名前の由来である アメリカンページワンにもよく似ている 1971年にアメリカ合衆国 オハイオ州で理髪店を営むマール ロビンスにより.

Skip you uno. If the player has no matches or they choose not to play any of their cards even though they might have a match they must draw a card from the draw pile. They are listed below. Once a player has no cards remaining the game round is over points are scored and the game begins over again.

One of the most common variants people play with is. The bottom line is announcing uno needs to be repeated every time you are left with one card. While you can use draw 2 reverse skip and wild at any time it turns out your wild draw 4 can only be used when you legitimately can t play another card.

If you family has a special uno rule you prefer to play with you may write that rule on the blank cards and add them straight to the deck going out a player who forgets to say uno before his card touches the discard pile but catches himself before any other player catches him is safe and is not subject to the penalty. In uno if you put a skip down and the person to your left has a skip can they jump in and skip the next person. The first player to do so wins the game.

Rules no the official rules of uno do not allow you to stack draw 2 cards or draw 4 cards. However most serious uno players allow rules for stacking draw cards in some form. Unoルール 説明 追 競技ルールとして公式ルールにオリジナルとして追加されたルール 準備 プレイヤー人数は2 10人 最適人数は4 6人 全員が裏返しで1枚ずつ引き 一番数字が大きかった人 記号等は0とする がスタートプレイヤーになる.

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