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Eiki cos shows off a well trained zoro in this cosplay. Eiki cos has a great cosplay of a zoro who is relaxed but ready to fight at anytime.

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Farmer s life patreon.

Time skip zoro cosplay. The only one that seems to be post timeskip zoro in pre timeskip. Moreover be sure to look at some sword techniques. I prefer his post time skip design except for the tree trunk neck.

Jason allen lee patreon. He always carries his 3 swords along with him bundled up with a green haramaki over his right hip allowing him to easily. This is the time skip version of the roronoa zoro cosplay costume.

Jul 19 2016 joyride as zoro time skip photo taken by zanyizzy photography at con g 2014 like our stuff. With the scar over the eye you know instantly that this is a zoro after the time skip. How to report a patreon user.

Home cosplay catalog one piece cosplay one piece roronoa zoro after the timeskip one piece roronoa zoro after the timeskip 148 00 178 00 dark green coat red sash black pants black bandanna tied around the. Check out our facebook page. Zorro one piece cosplay fail audrey bitoni onlyfans.

Greentea cosplay facebook one piece fem zoro iii. Patreon are pledges taxed. It ll look perfect if you keep that in mind.

Combos 1 3 m1 s kick into the air. 1 moves 2 transformation 3 combos 3 1 base 3 2 awakening 4 skins 5 trivia some combos for zoro are. 10 amazing roronoa zoro cosplay that look just like the anime one piece s zoro is one of the most popular anime characters around so of course the cosplay fits inspired by him are going to be just as.

Zoro cosplay zoro is a muscular man of average height with lightly tanned skin and green coloured hair. That would make the photography something you won t be forgetting for an eternity to come. Roronoa zoro post timeskip or ts zoro is the 7th character in the one piece roster.

But his hair is better the scar is hot as hell and his muscles are bigger which is always great. Zoro was gone through a lot of serious training and has fought in many tough battles with the scars to prove it.

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