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He was strong enough to fight and overpower kizaru inflict injuries upon aokiji and even go toe to toe against akainu at marineford. Ever since the post time skip era started i have always liked it more than pre and it really surprised me when i saw that generally most people prefer pre ts so i want to ask your opinion and why i think the reason why i don t like pre ts.

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So what i am saying is zoro might of been using invisible haki on his sword the entire time since alabasta.

Zoro one piece pre time skip. The right hand man of the strongest person in the world marco was easily among the strongest in one piece pre timeskip. We all know zoro was a strong swordsman even before timeskip. One piece blue deep.

15 17 and episode 746 the straw hat pirates are given new bounties after dressrosa. 1 moves 2 transformation 3 combos 4 skin 5 trivia some zoro combos are. 46 zoro s pre timeskip height is given.

Arcs each arc in one piece invites the viewer to a new experience. But it s quite obvious zoro got a powerup during after alabasta. Roronoa zoro also known by his epithet pirate hunter is the premier swordsman of the straw hat pirates and a member of the monster trio.

Just like jozu marco was incapacitated during the war due to whitebeard s health. Even he himself wouldn t of known it was haki at the time. 80 chapter 801 p.

5 m1s toru 4 m1s saikuru combo 2. 17 0 17 1 one piece manga and anime vol. This is just for entertainment purposes.

205 zoro s post timeskip height is given. Sbs one piece manga vol. One piece doesn t belong to me it belongs to eiichiro oda.

Luffy s insane grandfather crocodile akoji ace and blackbeard are a few of these characters that never used haki in combat during the pre time skip. Rorona zoro pre timeskip or pts zoro is the 2nd character in the one piece roster. Recruited as a mildly notorious bounty hunter hence his pirate hunter moniker he is a monstrously powerful man who doesn t wield the power of a devil fruit using a unique santoryu sword style in battle of his own creation wielding a sword.

For example there has been an ample amount of powerful characters seen throughout one piece.

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