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Facts about Religious Persecution in Eritrea: PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 October 2011 00:15

While hostile acts towards religion had been in evidence much longer, the official closing down of many religions was launched in May 2002. The main targets were evangelical churches.

The campaign against the Eritrean Orthodox Church, the largest and most ancient religious institution began in 2005, culminating in the imprisonment of its leading clergies, the dethronement, eventual imprisonment and subsequent replacement of its patriarch, the 82 years old Abune Antonios III.

The government’s “patriarch” is not recognized by any other church outside of Eritrea.

The government has taken actions to appropriate church coffers.

There have been numerous confirmed reports of torture and death of Christians in Eritrea’s prisons.

The government undertakes unremitting campaigns to purge the military of people who are found praying and/or reading the Bible. The confiscation and burning of Bibles occurs on a regular basis.

To see some of the best known prisoners, click here:


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